What is the best bit of a wedding day?

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Deciding what the best part of a wedding day was is tough. I've really thought about it, and while I loved the vows, the dinner, the dancing and spending time with friends and family, the best bit was quite possibly the planning.

The wedding day was all perfect, even though I kept myself awake all night worrying about the fact I’d left a random bunch of tulips on the windowsill when setting up- which I didn’t even notice on the day.

See the Tulips just beind the photographer there? Yep they kept me awake!

The best bit of a wedding day, for me anyway, wasn’t necessarily the wedding day itself. It was the planning. The Sunday’s spent shopping for props and stopping off for lunches. The weekends with my sister and friends spent creating signs, invites, RSVPs, place names and making decorations while chatting and drinking tea.

For a year the wedding will consume you. It did me! You’ll dream about it almost every night, and they won’t be good dreams. I had a dream I married the wrong man, the photographers didn't show up, the venue was different, I even had a dream my now husband was my brother!! Where does this all come from!

The best part of your wedding day could well be the months you spend with your fiance, bringing your ideas together and working as a team to create something as unique as you.

Of course the wedding day will be perfect, but it is only one day.

My top tip is to enjoy every second of being engaged. Make the most of those Sundays you spend arguing over seating arrangements, coming to decisions on stationary and props, making lists for gifts, asking each other if you think you’ll cry. Stop off for lunch to discuss ideas, go for long drives and talk about how you vision the day going. Enjoy every second leading up to the day with the ones you love.

The best bit of the wedding is creating something special with the person who you love and seeing your family and friends have a great time enjoying the fruits of your labour.


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