Rustic Wedding Invitations to WOW your guests

When I was getting married last year I wanted my theme to be rustic as the wedding was in a beautiful barn. So I headed down to Hobbycraft with by H2B and we got lost in a world of ideas, twine, lace, Stamps and PVA glue.

We'd seen some designs on Pinterest and thought, "Easy, no problem. Do that in an afternoon."

4 hours later. 3 Save the Date cards done. 2 very sticky and stressed people. 1 big mess.

It was a Pinterest fail. We even managed to write the guests name on the save the date, so someone would get the save the date in the post and have NO idea who it came from.

One of my friends made her own invites and they looked amazing. But it just isn't a bit of me. Luckily, I have a very creative sister (Rachel who is the designer at Stories Like Ours) who designed our invites and all of our wedding signs.

In the end, after all the drama getting tangled in twine, we decided to change the theme of the invites all together (You can see my cinema theme wedding on our blog.)

It would have probably been cheaper, faster and a lot less stressful to just order rustic wedding invitations and save the dates!

Rachel has since designed couples rustic wedding invites, people like me who don't quite have the patients or the time for DIY jobs.

Here are a few of our rustic wedding invitations and wedding stationery designs that we have created. All of which you can find here.

Looking for rustic wedding invitations? Find out how we can design you some, or customise a current design. Contact us




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