Greatest Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To

I'm on lots of those wedding groups on Facebook and one question I see asked SO much is "What song are you walking down the aisle to"

I myself struggled with this. You want something that is going to feel emotional and meaningful. I bet you have listened to 100s of your favourite songs only to realise that they're actually about broken hearts and unrequited love. Not ideal when you are about to say your "I do's".

My husband is a wedding videographer and he goes too lots and lots of weddings, and I always ask, what was the song they walked down the aisle to, what was their first dance, what was her dress like.

Here are a few of the greatest songs to walk down the aisle to (that don't talk about heartbreak and unrequited love!)

  • Born to be Yours, Imagine Dragons - Okay, this one is a little out there and quite upbeat, but the words are so perfect!! Maybe you could find an acoustic version?

  • Etta James, At Last - God, I love this song. Sends shivers up my spine. Been engaged a long time? It might just be the one!

  • Everybody's Free - Romeo and Juliette. The scene where Romeo and Juliette get married, will def get some people weeping.

  • Kissing you, Des'ree. This was on my list, also on Romeo and Juliette, very emotional.

  • Bella's Lullaby, perfect for any Twilight fans out there, it really is an emotional track

  • Tale as Old as Time, Beauty and the Beast. If you are a Disney fan then you need this one!!

  • Feels Like Home, Edwina Hayes. This song has so much emotion behind it. Your partner is your home. Lovely sentiment for a song to walk up the aisle to.

  • I'm Yours, Jason Maraz- Fancy something a little modern? This song is positive and has lovely words for a wedding.

  • Sleeping at Last, 500 Miles (This is the one I had, the words are beautiful.)

  • The One, Kodaline - This song has a slower beat, and words that fit so well with your love story "you make my heart feel like it's summer" <3

  • I Need, Maverick Sabre - This song starts off slow then a little beat kicks in. It's uplifting. This was the song Rachel had at her wedding, I still love it.

Woah, there are so many songs to walk up the aisle to. Conventional, and unconventional. You should go with the song that makes you feel excited and maybe a little nervous (and in love) all at the same time.

Top tip for choosing the song to walk down the aisle is don't tell loads of people. Chances are you will have someone try to tell you what the song reminds them of and it will no doubt put you off.




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