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Destination Wedding Invitations

Getting married abroad can set the perfect theme for your wedding.

You can incorporate the country colours, traditions and patterns in the wedding stationery and in your destination wedding invitations. We have seen some beautiful wedding invitations for weddings overseas which are designed like little passports with all the information inside.

When do you send out destination wedding save the dates?

You need to give your guests plenty of notice so they can book time off work. Send out save the dates as soon as you have the details confirmed. Consider getting them out 12-18 months before the date if you can.

When do you send out destination wedding invites?

Send out your destination wedding invites about 2 or 3 months before the big day. People will need time to book accommodation and flights if they haven't already. You need to make sure your wedding invite contains all the information you guest will need to book their hotel, flight. You should say whether there will be transport laid on by you, the time and date of the wedding, the location (beach/gardens/hotel) so guests know what to wear. My advice though - try to stay out of the room bookings if possible. You'll have 1000 things to think about, last think you need is Aunt Maggie calling you every few days asking if there is an iron in the room.

When people can't make it

With destination weddings there will always be the problem that not everyone can afford to travel, have no where for the kids to go or can't get the time off work. This is something you will have to think about when you are getting back your RSVPs. People (probably) aren't being awkward declining the wedding, but I know it feels that way. When I was getting married every decline I had felt like a stab in the heart! With destination weddings it might be that you get a few more declines than you would like. But, you can always have a party when you get back with those who couldn't make it.

If you are looking for destination wedding invites check out our design here. The colour can be changed to suit your theme.