Cost saving ideas for wedding stationery

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

Costs and budgets for weddings can quite quickly spiral and if you have a set amount to spend then you might need to cut costs where you can. But that doesn’t mean having to cut quality!

Here are our cost saving ideas for wedding stationery.

1. Make your own

If you are a creative type then how about making your own wedding stationery? There are plenty of brides who create unique DIY wedding invites, save the dates and everything in between. A trip to Hobbycraft may offer a little inspiration, or a good old fashioned hunt through Pinterest. Making your own invites (providing they go right first time) is a great cost saving idea for wedding stationery. However, be sure to check out how much stationary would cost if you brought them readymade. You can find that those beads, lace, card and fancy pens soon add up. Also, it can take time and if you're not too creative you might find it more stress than it is worth!

2. Just do what you actually need

While it is nice to send out a save the date card it isn't 100% necessary. When I started planning my wedding my fiance suggested we make a Facebook group, which while it may not be very traditional, but it is a good way (and free) to share the date with your loved ones. Another piece of wedding stationery you may not need is the order of service. Order of Service tells people how the service will go, who the bridesmaids, groomsmen and ushers are, what songs will be on etc.

3. Buy beautifully designed templates

To save costs when buying wedding stationery try buying templates. Templates still look amazing and customised, and follow the theme of your wedding, but they are much cheaper and ideal if you haven’t got design skills yourself. You will be able to find templates in every piece of wedding stationery you need to ensure that your theme runs smoothly. Templates at Stories Like Ours can be customised to say the bride and grooms name and any other details required such as venue, hotels and so on.

4. Offer RSVP via email

RSVP cards can cost that bit extra if you include a stamped envelope for them to respond. Write your email address at the bottom, or create a bespoke email address dedicated to everything your wedding to keep it organised. Guests are also rubbish at posting RSVPs (in my experience!) so this may well be the way forwards.

If you are interested in templates you can customise for your big day, check out our themes. If we haven't got what you are looking for, we also create bespoke invites and everything in between!



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